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Edenvale Elementary School

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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

From that first day a student walks into kindergarten to the last day of sixth grade, elementary school represents a magical, transformational time that shapes how that student will come to view their learning, abilities, place in this world, and prospects for success.   Here at Edenvale, we strive to help children develop and transform into high achieving students, life-long learners, and productive global citizens.  Edenvale, through its excellent instruction and Adopt-a-College program, has for decades been instilling within our students the skills and conviction to attend and graduate from college.  In doing so, it has changed the prospects for success of each child growing up in this beautiful South San Jose community.

Founded in 1968, during a time of unprecedented change throughout the country, Edenvale has continually adapted to the needs of the community and the risen to challenge of the times.  For fifty years, Edenvale has been a place where students don’t just survive, but thrive; where students don’t just learn English but learn how to speak confidently, think critically, and lead through action to make a positive difference in their community and in the world. 

Just as in 1968, education is once again in the midst of a revolution in terms of meeting the challenge of the 21st century: namely, ensuring that students have all of the tools necessary to be college and career ready. To do that, we must guide them in learning how to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically.  In addition, we must instill the character, life, and technological skills can necessary to be successful in today’s digital, interconnected global environment. 

We accomplish all of this by promote relevant, engaging and rigorous standards of learning and behavior to guide the student in their overall development.   Furthermore, we advocate for the greater good of our diverse community by building meaningful relationships and creating a collaborative learning environment.

My name is Ryan Haven and I am privileged to lead a school with such a remarkably storied legacy during such a dynamic time in the world and educational landscape.  I look forward to getting to know you and your children as we embark on this wonderful journey together.  I look forward to a most successful learning year.  If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me at Ryan Haven, Principal, Edenvale Elementary School  (408) 227-7060 ext 314201.


Ryan L. Haven, Principal